Get your Christian organization recognized online!

In many cases GeekPreach can make this happen for FREE!
Your next question is “How?” 
The answer, “Faith!”

In most cases Christian organizations are supported through monetary giving.  The amount that will be collected is for the most part unknown to the organizations prior to an offering being counted.  They’re never certain ahead of time if the amount given will be enough to support their ministries.  Yet, the majority of the time it is more than enough. That’s one of the ways God works.  Even if it isn’t enough, they press on to do exactly what God would have them to do.  That’s Faith!  God has called us all to do something and if we’re obedient, we will take that first step in knowing that He will sustain us.

Faith is exactly what GeekPreach is based on.  Through Faith only, GeekPreach is offering any Christian organization the chance to be noticed on today’s media platforms.  After all, we are commissioned to “Go…”  So how about GOING online to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord.

Here’s how:
If you are a Christian organization, doesn’t matter if you are a musician, evangelist or another part of the  Body of Christ, GeekPreach wants to make sure you have a presence on the Internet, which could also include Google Maps, Church Finder, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few, so that you may cast your nets in new places to hopefully touch the lives of those who need Jesus!