Pay by Faith

You will not receive a bill!

You will either be a giver or a taker. Jesus taught it is more blessed to give than to receive. Scripture further teaches that God loves a cheerful giver. That is exactly what we intend to do! We want to use our talents to further the Kingdom of God by giving away our services.  We pray that you would come along with us on this journey by also giving.  Yes, we do have expenses, but we want to give all we can. That means we are willing to pass on the extras to help any Christian organization who may need help spreading the Gospel via the Internet. In our business, to “Go”   as stated in the Great Commission is to GO ONLINE teaching churches to make disciples using the Internet as a tool to reach the world.

Faith is not a myth:

Jesus said, The Son of man has no place to lay His head. This indicates that Jesus was not rich with worldly possessions. Material items did not intrigue Him. He explained that God will provide us with exactly what we need, if we will put God’s kingdom first. Again, that is exactly what we are doing – Seeking the Kingdom first and having the faith to know that God will provide for us to fulfill our needs.

Help us to help other ministries:

By allowing GeekPreach to host your website and donating to our ministry, you are helping other Christian organizations to reach out in their ministries. We are uniting to help the Kingdom of God to make an impression on their potential guests.  The Christian musician will be discovered by Christian venues, the evangelist will be called to preach revivals, the missionary will find supporters, the list goes on.  We have to help each other to connect and in today’s world this is the main way in which we connect – through the Internet.

Support us:

If you are already paying a monthly bill to a web hosting company, we would hope that you would send a comparable amount to GeekPreach in the form of a donation to help support this ministry.  If you are not currently paying a web host, we would hope that you might begin to do so.  Our “Give” page contains a few different ways to help us, to help others.  Please visit that page to learn more about helping.  Again, it is not required, but it is nice to know you’re willing to help.


This ministry will not be successful until someone makes a connection with the lost sinners of this world; until someone walks into a church after finding it on the Internet or is touched by the lyrics or hands of the singers and missionaries and most importantly, until someone finds Jesus to be their Lord and Savior!  Let us help you develop a strong presence on the Internet.  We can create your first website or polish the one you already have and we’ll do it all to the glory of God!