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To help you better understand what GeekPreach is offering your organization, we want to explain what is typically involved in created and hosting a website:

Every website begins with a domain (a web address).  A domain is like a phone number, once you type it into your browser, it takes you where you want to go.  A domain has an average annual cost attached to it of about $15 per year.  A domain has to be purchased and then it must be configured to point to the place where your website resides.

Now, let’s talk about “the place where your website resides“.  “That place” is called a server.  A server is a remote computer that stores all the pictures, text and code that make up your website.  What do we mean by remote?  It is a computer that is not in your office or in your home, it is usually many miles away and it is connected to the Internet using fiber optics for a fast connection.  The servers GeekPreach uses are located in a large climate controlled room with diesel powered electric generators (in case of a power outage).  These servers are running 99.9% of the time without interruption.  This means the websites stored on these servers seldom disappear from the Internet.

Don’t miss this:  The storing of your website and “serving” it to your website visitors is called “Hosting“.  Web hosting is usually a monthly fee that begins at about $25 per month.

Before hosting a website can begin, there must be a website.  The creation of the website is called “Web Development and Design” Again, a website consist of text, pictures, video, graphics, and coding.  The coding tells the other components where and how to appear on the website.  There is usually a one time fee for creating a website, configuring a domain to connect to a server and getting everything to work together.  This one time fee starts at about $300 for a single page and can go up according to the size and features of a website.

Here’s the good news!
If you currently do not have a website, GeekPreach will create a website for your Christian organization for FREE.  However, we would like to hopefully talk you into paying the cost of your domain, which is $15 per year.  It is not required, just desired.

This is where you come in handy.  The process of beginning your first website begins with choosing several possible domains that end with .com, .org. or .net.  Other extensions, such as .church, .us, .store are available, but require payment.  To create a trendy website will require pictures and other media, logos, and information to display.  The more of this you gather and plan beforehand the faster and smoother the process toward completion.

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